Friday, December 4, 2009

Gift Ideas: Including gifts for library or book lovers

With Thanksgiving behind us I can now concentrate on the holiday season. (Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday since it is not commercial and is a day for “giving thanks” and getting together with family and friends.) So I starting thinking about gifts and listed a few ideas.

Gift ideas:

  1. Gift of time* – spend time with some one or give them a helping hand
  2. Homemade gifts – scarf, gifts from your kitchen, cards, book marks etc.
  3. Gift certificate to Borders or another book store.
  4. Plant in a terra cotta pot that you grew from seeds and they can watch grow.
  5. Frame with a picture of you and that person or family.

*Gift of time article by Bonnie Moss

Next I was trying to think of gifts for library and book lovers and ran across the following site called “Gift Guide for Library and Book Lovers” (An Internet Hotlist on Gift Guide) which was created by Literacy/Library Advocate. It has a wealth of ideas.